Guidelines for supplying artwork & files

Artwork files for vinyl cutting:

Vector eps, pdf or ai format with all fonts converted to outlines.


Digital print:

Vector eps, pdf or ai format with fonts converted to outlines and all images embedded into the file.

Artwork should be created in proportion to the final output size i.e. full size, half size or

one tenth size etc, with full size giving the best results for any printed images.

We can also print jpeg or tiff files. Please create your design as CMYK not RGB.


Recommended resolutions for images:

Large prints: (1.3mt x 1.3mt or bigger) 100 - 150 dpi

POS or smaller prints: 300 dpi


Colour matching:

Pantone colour reference is preferred. Whilst pantone colours cannot be matched

completely with vinyl cut or digital print we will endeavour to colour match as close as possible.


Supplying artwork:

Small files under 10mb can be sent via email to Larger  files can be uploaded via  or any similar file transfer service. Files can also be provided on CD/DVD or usb memory stick.